Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hot from the studio - more heads

I am continuing to create new 'heads' in my studio. They remain an interesting theme and I enjoy exploring people as I paint. Perhaps, as Pierre Tristan of Flagler Live observed*, I've spent allot of time during my past life studying people and their facial expressions. I just think that I like and am fascinated by human faces, their endless ability to express so much, more by a certain look than any words that they can utter. I just returned from a visit to NYC. Sketching the people I encountered on the streets, on public transportation, sitting in a gallery or office, was refreshing. I had to work quickly and keep my work loose.

Here are a few new creations, entitled Natasha and The Head Guy, respectively :

This is not to say that I've abandoned non-objective composition. I like to divide my studio time between those two series and others. Using a method that I enjoy, I've created a few smaller works on heavy watercolor paper, like Circulating, below:

Before I forget, please save the date: on June 3, 2011, I am one of five featured artists invited to exhibit my work at the beautiful Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach. This exhibit represents a first of its kind for the Cultural Center, which is located at 50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. This time, the curatorial committee selected the artists without predetermining a theme. It will be wonderful. Here's a link to the website of this exciting art center located outside of Jacksonville, FL: http://www.ccpvb.org/. More details will follow, promise!