Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Studio!

I have a dear pal, who is a great painter. Her name is Melissa Mason. With the help of contractors like Austin Ross (pictured below with Melissa and me), Melissa has rehabbed a stable, converting it into a 900+ square foot studio. Construction on the space was patterned after a studio at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, where we both study a few times per year. Melissa's studio will be creative home to Melissa, Karlene McConnell,
and (of course) me. Check out Melissa's work at (just scroll over the blank to the left and her site will become visible & click - Melissa's site is under rehab, too);
and Karlene's
The studio overlooks pastoral acres and horses. It is filled with natural light, lit by special artificial lights mimicking daylight, and the painting surface on the walls are a special, super-durable material.

Another dear friend of ours, Audrey Phillips (, snapped the photos that appear above. I took the following shots while construction was underway:

According to Austin, the studio is now completed. All that is needed is to screw in the light bulbs and install ceiling fans.

Melissa has requested our help in naming this beautiful studio space. Kindly submit your suggested names for the space in the "comments" section, below, or by sending along a message on Facebook to me. The name that Melissa adopts for her new studio will be treated to a nice gift!