Wednesday, August 19, 2009

directed individual study

I have just returned from a workshop, Directed Individual Study, at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach. ACA is one of Florida's greatest secret treasures. It offers visual and performing artists a haven where they can explore and push their boundaries in a beautiful, natural setting. When in central Florida, please visit and support this unique arts center and the Pabst Gallery.

This past week, my art coach, Steve Aimone, gently pushed nine of us to fulfill our respective objectives. It was fun, frustrating, fascinating and productive. I completed some work that thrills me and one, in particular, that stemmed from a two-week long dream sequence. My dreams were haunted by an unknown toddler, about 15-18 months of age. I finally awoke midweek, sketched her out on a scrap of paper by the phone with a Sharpie, and dashed over to ACA's studio to paint her out. I have no idea whether I will let this piece survive my usual obliteration by painting, but for now, she will rest on canvas along with other elements from those lingering dreams.

The balance of my developing work incorporates language, musical elements, and stream-of-consciousness images that appear when I'm not analyzing. I don't know whether my paintings are completed. But I am certainly enjoying this process.